Classes that need to be nerfed and classes that have to be upgraded...

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Classes that need to be nerfed and classes that have to be upgraded...

Post  aiustha on Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:15 pm

Hey all...well as u all have experienced kamaels can get you down just with a single spell and u are down...this is the world-wide well known Curse of freya version it is bugged and never noone changes it to its normal..if i am right its normal value its 30 instead of 40 (numbers are not 100% sure i am not developer i just know some things about developing). Another issue with Curse of Divinity is the buff system that any player can get 75 buffs and 74 dances if i am right...the normal are 23/14 in retail (at least in l2wings where i was playing the buff system could give u only 23 buffs and 14 dances/songs) so kamaels dont give that extreme damage.Some other skills that have to be nerfed are Fortress's or Castle's clan skills.Fire Squad is really extreme clan skill.A Gladiator (Duelist) with a Triple Sonic can get you down!Some classes that have to be upgraded are the healer classes (Shilien Elder / Elven Elder / Bishop). In Inquisitor stance they give maximum damage of 200 with Divine Punishment! Archers have too be nerfed a lil bit too and daggers on their critical,not P. Attack.That's all for the moment.If i find any more bugs i will post a new topic.Thank you for your time and keep doing this good work.People server is up only 5 days,dont be that demanding.See you inside Wink

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