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GM Application

Post  aiustha on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:09 pm

Name: Mike

Age: 19

Country: Greece

Some information about you: I am a 19 year old guy who has nothing to do and plays l2.. Razz

Time you have been active as a GM: i have been GM in 2 servers (both PvP) one was called L2NDay (local server i am from Greece,Crete) and the other one was called L2 Avatar and i was GM about 2 months there.

How active can you be:well i am still a student but i am about 12 hours! per day online.from 3 pm to 12-1 am.

Knowledge about lineage development well i am playing lineage since 2004..sure i have an that i have been gm twice Wink anyway everything will be shown in progress WinkThank's for your time and i hope i get accepted Wink
Here is a screenshot from L2 Avatar =]
(P.S:)Ignore what cod4master says he was too nerve-breaking and admin banned him in the end xD he was harrasing for items but he got only air Razz

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