Important Notice for all players and GMs

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Important Notice for all players and GMs

Post  lollipopsux on Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:55 pm

Lineage II 2012 is a gaming server for everyone to enjoy. To achieve that we expect everyone, including the GMs to treat each other with respect. Game Masters in Lineage II 2012 have the privileges to be your authority here thus they are given power. We expect them to put fairness and integrity as their utmost priority. Our Admin, BonFire, will always keep a constant look out to make sure the Game Masters are not abusing their power. We think you will agree with us here that any GMs caught in illegal actions such as giving free items to players will have their GM title stripped off them and banned from the server. Yes, we take integrity serious around here as we do not want some players, because of the GM's help, gaining certain advantages over other players. So if you, the players, notice any GMs engaging in any sort of activities that raises eyebrows please do post it on the "Player Reports" section. Vice versa, if you know a player who has been gaining help from any GMs please post it in the same section.

We, the Lineage II 2012 administration, thank you in advance and we hope you all enjoy your time here as everyone of you are our valued players.

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