farm zone 2

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farm zone 2

Post  mariannn on Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:46 pm

first of all hello to all.

an ideea for farm those gk i gues it will be or to implement a pvp zone like ef or somethin like this or to take them from instances..i gues admin shood implement solo and party instances with gk drops and freya items maby bogs ls somethign usefull,and another ideea of mine is to make all raids lvl80+ starting from the lvl 20 raids till 85 and implement at those raids some usefull drops like gk epaluete knights ls blee enchants etc but most important drops are those epaluetes and gk.
i back again now at the pvp farm zone...there players shod flag when they enter there to not pk inside there...there to be a flag one pvp zone,with good drop rate...same in party instances verry good drops but harder as hell.
keep it close and play fair,see u all in game.


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