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Application for GM

Post  spawnshadow on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:27 pm

Hello Hello administrator Appeal
First, let your presents

1. My name is Daniel Petrov, 23 years.
2. I was born and live in a wonderful country in Europe called Bulgaria and I am very gird this.
3. I see that in your sample application demand to know how long I was GM (will give you some more information about)
3.1 The game play of C4 Client but I do not think is as important as important is that I myself professionally involved in the manufacture of servers Lineage II.
3.2 This is my sort of hobby. I like servers recreated tension and the ways in which to do an amazing game for the players in it
3.3 I have about 10 projects behind and was last L] [Blood (hopefully not sound like an ad) for 7 days reached 165 votes in Hopzone but I had a terrible problem with the server machine and server need to be stopped, but still you can see hopzone.
4. My knowledge level Admin, GM, Developer are 9 / 10 if I may say. I work as a database and all the commands and miscarrying on the client.

If my application you are interested you can find me on my skaip (Spawnshadow), a private message here in your forum or in game Playername - Convision

Greetings: Daniel

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