[Major UPDATE] The Kai System

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[Major UPDATE] The Kai System

Post  lollipopsux on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:28 am

What seperates our server from all the other Lineage 2 servers out there? Simple, we have the greatest minds that will see the ideas introduced exciting, and no where else to be found. This system we are about to introduce is the reason why our server is your choice.

The Kai System
This is the most exciting, unique update that will see the gaming environment in L2 changed forever.
We have developed(partly adapted from the anime DBZ) this system called "Kai" which kind of means God.

In Lineage 2012, our world, originally exists a supreme Kai(Admin) and 3 grand kai's(GM's). The supreme kai
over looks the grand kai and the grand kai over looks the kai's below their Godly status and the world.
There are those amongst the people who are chosen by the supreme kai to be kai's. Kai's were once normal people,
but because of their commitments, dedications, contributions, and their greatness they are chosen to be amongst
the Gods. Stories have been told through generations as to what the grand and the supremes do, but only myths
and legends have been heard about the Kai's. Some say the armors they wear are so fortrified only the demonic
sword has a chance to break it, but there were others who spoke of their ordeal with the Kai's.

Village Elder- "those murderers surrounded me, I thought that was it..i was a goner, but a kai..surely a
kai..came like lightning..and those bloody murderers had no chance..someone that powerful
can only be a kai.

To become a Kai you will have to be amongst the top players in our server. You will have to have walked the
journey with us for atleast a month. Any records of hacking, botting, scamming and breaking important rules
will kick you out of the selection process. So far we do not have a limit of how many kai's we should have
in our world. Obviously there needs to be atleast 4 to introduce balance in the game as it will be unfair
to one side if the other side has a kai helping them. This is why the process of developing this system is
taking a while as we want to introduce as little bias as possible. But of course as the game progresses and the population increases more players will be promoted to kai's so don't give up if you see the position been awarded to someone else because you could be next!

Some of you may wonder, what special abilities are granted to kai's?
Well other than the fact that they are given a specially customised armor which makes them stronger in terms of defense they will have the ability to teleport to places and trace players. We do not want them to gain extra offensive power and the reasons are clear; we do not want this game to be imbalanced. Imagine if the Kai's have a mass increase in damage..that would make their farming so much easier, which means they accelerate in wealth greater than normal players. The Kai system is here as a reward for dedicated, smart players..to make them feel special and stand out amongst others. They are the leaders amongst players which leads players during times of war. Some of you may think that what if a Kai keeps killing me because we are either enemies or their friend is telling him to kill me? Get another kai to fight that kai is the simplest answer. This is why the grand and the supreme kai over looks at the selection process of the kai, where we know that one kai will protect this group of people if a certain kai condemns them. The long term answer is that we encourage you to make friends/allies. Kai's are not impossible to bring down if you work as a team but because they have the ability to teleport they may decide to teleport the instance he is about to die. You may call them pussy kai's. But remember the greater authority closely monitor the behaviour of the kai's thus depending on how much evil and chaos they are causing, they may be condemned and turned back to a normal player.

This is the general concept of this system, if you have any concerns over this please post it below as this
will be an open dicussion thread.

-The Lineage 2012 Administration

Lineage II 2012 All rights reserved © 2010. Please do not copy our system before you have our permission to.

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