Respect the rules.

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Respect the rules.

Post  BonFire on Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:21 pm

By the grace of God we form these rules

The Lineage 2012 Staff.
Is always trying to make the server fair and enjoyable for all players. Please take your time to read these rules before playing in our server.

Please write in English, if you want to write in another language please use the multi-lingual section else your post will be removed.

You are allowed to flame in the Chamber of Chaos section. You may not use abusive or racially offensive language. Respect other players and staff members. Failure to do so may result in jailtime, account banned, at the discretion of the GMs.

False Reporting
Intentional false reporting of other players such as client mods or external programs may result in loss of character, loss of account, temp ban, or even a permanent ban.

Exploiting Bugs
Intentional exploitation of a known or obvious bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players may be punished by loss of character, loss of account, temp ban, or perma ban. Discontinue the use of the bug and report these immediately so they can be fixed. Players found to have exploited intentionally and then reported it are still guilty and may still be punished.

You are responsible for anything you freely give to other players. Scamming performed through posing as a member of the staff or through offerings of exploiting or cheating will be punished harshly. This may include temp bans and permanent IP bans. Players found creating character names which mislead other players into believing they are a member of the staff will face the same punishments Smile.

Players caught breaking the rules
will be jailed or banned depending on the situation. Continuously breaking the rules will result in increased punishments, finally resulting in permanent deletion/ban of your characters.

The GMs
strive to be fair and impartial with their enforcement of these rules. Discretion will be used as they see fit, within reason. Please report to an Administrator if you feel the GM is unreasonable.

Account Guidelines

Is allowed; You can have as many connections from one IP as you wish, but just keep it within reason.

Sharing accounts

Is allowed at your own risk. If your items/characters are stolen due to sharing your account they will not be restored. Account/passwords are your responsibilty.

As mentioned above we do not restore lost or dropped items, for whatever reason. If your account is "hacked" we do not restore any lost ingame items, ingame currency, experience, skill points, and/or level(s) or any other status. You are responsible for keeping your account information secure.

Gameplay Rules
You will NOT use 3rd party programs such as L2walker, L2Net. If found, your account will be terminated. Advertising other servers, or glitch, bug, and exploit sites in-game or on the forum is not allowed. Advertising glitches and bug websites in order to steal account information from others will result in account removal.

Offensive character names and clan names/crests will not be tolerated. You may not use abusive or racially offensive language.
Is allowed, but NOT in a starter village. Those found in a starter village PKing will be subject to deleveling, pked by a GM or KARMA that would be almost impossible to get rid of or deletion of your account.

Cursed Weapons
Are not allowed in TvT event.

Is allowed.

Griefbuffingunflagged players

Is not allowed. Griefbuffing is the act of casting unwanted 'trash' buffs on players to override their buffs. It is only allowed on flagged and red players outside of peace zones. When you report griefbuffing a clear screenshot or a movie of the incident is required. The GMs will not jail based on someone's accusation alone, unless they see it in person.

Do not ask GMs for adena or in game items.

You are not allowed to sell in-game items for real money.

GMs do not give experience , skill points, and/or level(s) to players. Even if there is client/server lag and your character takes loss of experience. reserves the right, at anytime, to change, modify, add or remove, any portions or parts of these Terms of Use and/or user agreement, at any time. It is your sole responsibility to check these Terms of Use and/or user agreement periodically for changes.

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